Gun Barrel

Damage Dancer

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1. Unleashing The Hounds
2. Damage Dancers
3. Bashing Thru
4. Judgement Day
5. Passion Rules
6. Building A Monster
7. Whiteout
8. Back Alley Ruler
9. Ride The Dragon
10. Heading For Disaster
11. Vultures Are Waiting
12. Rise Up To The Storm

“One thing is sure, "Damage Dancer" rocked my world!! Highly recommended stuff!” 
- Heavy Paradise - USA 

“Gun Barrel continue doing what they do best and that’s rocking!” 
- Lords Of Metal - Netherlands 

“Once you pop this CD into the player, you're repeatedly punched in the face with raw power.” 
- William Telltale, Sleaze Roxx - USA 

“Here you can pick up on the fun side of the band, performing for the pure love of the music.” 
- Dave Campbell, Metal Temple - Greece 

“Kurzum, wenn die Band von ihrem bislang ausgereiftesten Werk spricht, dann mit Fug und Recht!” 
- Walter, ZephyrdOdem - Germany 

Label: Into the Limelight Records